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persistent Protection for hands

DuraShield® is FDA registered (NDC) & kills 99.99% of germs using Benzalkonium Chloride(BZK), an FDA approved active ingredient for leave-on hand sanitizers. Its encapsulated natural polymer increases the skin’s defense against contact with alcohol-based products for prolonged protection.

DuraShield® is a premium sanitizing lotion for dry cracked skin. Its silky-smooth formula is enriched with Vitamin E & grapefruit extracts. 
Moisturize without an oily residue!

We believe your skin deserves the very best. 
To happy, healthy, hands!

  •  rooted in healthcare

    •    Formulated By Skin Grafting Scientists
    •    Base Layer Protection Against Alcohol Sanitizers
    •    Natural, Plant-Based, Polymers Resist Alcohol Sanitizer Damage
    •    Proven Effective To Prevent Contact Dermatitis 
    •    Independently Laboratory Tested For Effectiveness

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